A Letter To Another One I Lost, 1


Since we have started exploring the worlds which lie inside the hearts of one another, I have been able to believe in the richness of people’s souls again. Although I do wish I was able to do the same for you, but it seems like some complications have arisen and have perhaps stopped that from occurring.

I just needed to let you know that all of our talks and the small things that we’ve shared have meant a great deal to me. As I write this, I’m not sure if I can expect this to continue because perhaps I’ve given too much which does not make you comfortable. It pains me to think that it is because I wanted to know more, share more, give more that there may not be any more mores. But I regret none of it.

I hope one day the distance that you’ve been dead set on keeping won’t make sense anymore. Perhaps not with me, but with someone who appreciates all that you are. As much as you don’t feel the need to be thanked for all that you do, I’ve always felt the urge to thank you because I appreciate what you do, but more importantly because I appreciate you. And so thank you


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