A goodbye letter to the love I feel for you

So this is it, the goodbye letter. It’s not a permanent goodbye just a goodbye to the love I feel for you. I re read the old letters I wrote you and see how I stress over how hard it is to reach this goodbye, and it’s still equally as hard if not harder, but I cannot do this anymore, I accept defeat and I hope that maybe just maybe this is a sign of strength and not of weakness. 

So goodbye to looking at you and seeing you that way.

Goodbye to the receipt I kept to your birthday gift which showed me one of the happiest moments I’ve seen you in.

Goodbye to wondering if that converse shoe medallion I got you still hangs on the front mirror of your car. 

Goodbye to listening to that goofy smile of yours and smiling so hard my face hurt.

Goodbye to the feeling of wanting to share the events of my day with you.

Goodbye to wanting to hear about the events of your day.

Goodbye to letters I wrote you and never sent. 

Goodbye to looking forward to the next time we hugged since you did it so rarely.

Goodbye to that moment I waited for us to be alone simply to have a conversation with you about anything and everything.

Goodbye to asking you to wake me up because seeing your name on my phone was the only thing that would allow me to leave the world of my dreams.

Goodbye to that four letter word.

Goodbye to the love I felt for you.


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