The Book of People

One of the most enjoyable and mesmerizing experiences in our world is one of the things that I believe many people take for granted. It occurs and begins nearly everyday, its extremely effortless, and only when it’s potential to grow is embraced does it become a magical experience.
Getting to know someone. Such a simple concept to most people. It begins with a conversation, usually superficial, and has to the potential to become a journey into the person sitting on the opposite side.
Human beings are fascinating. They all share the same biological components, all share the same instinctive needs, but what becomes fascinating is what we do not share… Our experiences. No matter how similar our lives may be, no two people have been through the same experiences. The details of what has occurred in our lives is what seperates us all, what makes us all unique. It’s these qualities that turn another passerby in the street into a piece of literature more alive than any book we’ve read.


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