To the person I’m going to fall in love with

I’m probably gonna drive you crazy

With constant hugs and no personal space
With long random letters about what you meant to me
With a million pictures of us and of you
With a million plans for the future

I’m probably gonna give you headaches

With the songs playing super loud in the car
With all my talk about art, design, and my rants about our world
With the family of dogs I will raise in our house
With my nagging to help around the house

I’m probably gonna be very childish

When Im too scared to go to the dentist and insist on getting ice cream after
When I get cranky because I’m hungry
When I’m too tired of being all adult-like and let my inner child out
When I go all psycho for some odd reason

I’m probably gonna be too emotional

When someone I love leaves
When I’m facing issues with my family
When I hear about innocent people dying somewhere on our planet
When someone I know is going through a hard time

I’m probably gonna be very weird

When I ask for alone time because I need my own space
When I ask for extra us time because the last thing I need is space
When I get super stressed and engulfed by something I’m working on
When I’m in the kitchen and I’m convinced I am the master chef

I’m probably gonna say the wrong thing

When you’re stressing over something and I wanna cheer you up
When we’re fighting and all I want is to reach a middle ground
When I’m worried you’re mad at something and I cant tell what it is
When I’m angry at something and you can’t tell what it is

I’m probably gonna always show you how much you mean to me

When I can’t stop holding you because you’re my safety net
When the first thing I want to see when I’m home is your smile
When I spend months thinking of a perfect gift
When I try to find a million ways to tell you I love you


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